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How to Build Your Brand with Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? If so, you’re one of the more than 10 million other people who have registered on the photo-based social media site that is being touted as a useful marketing tool. If not, here’s why you should consider getting on board.

Launched in 2010, Pinterest is a rapidly growing online bulletin board community where users can post their favourite images. Doesn’t sound like much, but take a look at the numbers, the purpose and usability factors and the strategy and you might find that Pinterest could be something valuable—and fun—for your business to get involved in.

SpaFinder Pinterest

As a place where a staggering number of people are communicating with each other through pictures, Pinterest is only growing – in December 2011 alone, it’s been reported that more than 7 million unique registered on the site, up from 1.6 million in September. Not only are pictures being posted left and right, the links associated with these photos are being shared at the same time, which ultimately drives traffic—and business—to company websites and blogs. In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s driving more traffic to sites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined, according to a recent report from Cambridge, Massachussets-based content-sharing site Shareaholic.
To further show how some companies have experienced success with Pinterest, here’s an impressive stat from an article published on LinkedIn by Jason Falls: In the last six months, the retail deal site has seen a 446 percent increase in web traffic from Pinterest and sales resulting from those visits have increased five-fold.

Here are the basics of Pinterest for the unfamiliar:

  1. The Boards: Users create as many boards as they like – these are usually categorised in a fun way like “Places I want to travel to,” “My style,” or “Delicious dishes to make.” There are no rules to what boards to create, but most people categorise photos this way, “pinning” relevant photos to each board.
  2. Interaction: What makes Pinterest a social media site is that users interact with each other through re-pinning photos that others have on their boards, liking other users’ photos and commenting on the photos. Re-pinning of photos has the potential to make a photo and its associated link go viral with hundreds or thousands of re-pins.
  3. Usability: Anyone and everyone can use Pinterest – and they are. From brides-to-be to online clothing companies, everyone has something to share that someone else will likely find inspirational or useful. Easy to use, this is how Pinterest can get addicting to consumers as surfing a simple site with beautiful images makes it a breeze to find images of things they like—and want.

And here’s how to get started on Pinterest with your spa:

  • Create boards that will enhance your brand image and will help followers obtain the spa lifestyle your spa speaks to, whether it be healthy eating, spa and beauty products or spa décor. For example, our Pinterest site includes boards for “What Wellness Is,” “Good Eats,” “Places We Love,” “Hair, Beauty & Spa Style,” and more. All the photos we post are aimed to inspire and educate other Pinterest users towards a health and wellness, spa-oriented lifestyle.
  • Associate Editor of Mashable, Lauren Drell suggests crowdsourcing, which can be a great marketing vehicle for brands. One of her tips included asking fans of your brand to pin pictures of themselves with their favourite product (in this case, ideally from your spa, or even a photo of them in your spa). You can then create a VIP board of sorts and re-pin those photos there. ““It’ll give a shout-out to these fans and show potential customers that your current users really like using your product,” she writes.
  • Make sure that the photos you are pinning from your spa are linked back to your site and use SEO best practices when writing captions to optimise the number of eyes on your photo and link.
  • Because Pinterest is image driven with very little text, make sure you’re pinning great images, both in quality and in context. Beautiful, eye-catching and inspiring photos will attract the most traffic.
  • Be sure to pin photos from sites other than your own and re-pin, like and comment on other users’ photos – just like Facebook, engage with other people and participate in conversations.
  • Remember that the possibilities with Pinterest are endless and there is no “messing up.” Simply sign up, create your boards, start pinning and see where it takes you.



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